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Wii for sale with extras — Middleburg
$ 500 Price

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Wii that is in PERFECT condition comes with all the cords, HD cables, 2 wii zapper, classic retro controller, gamecube controller, gamecube memory card, 2 wiimotes and 2 nunchucks with 4 grips. Comes with 8 games wii sports, need for speed pro street, splinter cell, farcry, ghost squad, resident evil 4, warioware, battalion wars 2, links crossbow practice game(came with zapper) and 50 dollars of downloads. All items in PERFECT condition with box and everything. Also please email all offers and anything you need to know or want to see. For everything listed above the price is $500 and the person who gets it for $500 will get a free GB SP and GB advance with a game. I will sell for $400 but I will have to take out the extra controller ((1)wiimote and (1)nunchuck, (1)wii zapper), classic retro controller, Need for speed pro street, warioware, and battalion wars 2. And if you want the price to be $300 I will have to take everything out but HD cable, Gamecube controller, Gamecube memory card, wiimote(1), nunchuck(1), wii sport, farcry, splinter cell. MUST SELL FAST!

These prices are based from EBgames, Bestbuy, Gamestop, Circuit City, and Walmart.  I am selling everything listed for a total of $500.  If you want to buy anything single it will have to be at what the blue price says.

Prices in green are new price
, Prices in pink are what it cost used

$230 $250 (because of downloads)

Wii zapper (2)-$50
$40 $30
Extra controller-$60
$50 $40
Classic controller-$20
$15 $10
Gamecube controller-$20
$15 $10
Gamecube memory card-$20
$15 $10
HD cable-$20
$15 $10
Need for speed-$50
$45 $40
Splinter Cell-$20
$15 $10
$15 $15
$25 $25
Ghost Squad-$30
$27 $25

Warioware-$50 $40 $35
Resident Evil 4-$30
$27 $25
  • Middleburg, Florida, United States